Create custom data driven maps that make presenting and publishing data easy, flexible and beautiful.


What is it?

MapSpice is a solution for publishing creative and flexible data maps to the web. Wizards help to get users started with templates that can be customized to produce rich data maps quickly and easily. It also includes a software development kit and a code editor for more advanced users who want to customize their maps further.

Who is it for?


MapSpice optimizes the editorial workflow and helps you enrich text presentations with dynamic visuals.

Journalists and Bloggers

Engage your audience with creative and enticing data driven maps for the web and on deadline. Perfect for the fast-paced newsroom environment, MapSpice is easy and allows for fast creation of content.

Businesses and Organizations

Communicate with your executives, managers and employees using our interactive and dynamic data driven maps they can use to make better decisions and save time.

Students and Teachers

Ready students for the modern workplace with digital skills and a deeper understanding of communicating with data. Teach students how to work with and present location-based information by having them build their own data driven maps.

Government Agencies

Present information in a beautiful and interactive way that end users can interpret and understand. MapSpice provides an easy, highly scalable way to create beautiful, clear data visualizations quickly, while also saving time and money.

Anyone Who Needs To Visualize Data

We share information visually more and more, and our dynamic mapping tools are ready to support your creative data communication needs.


Professional Look and Feel

Take your visual communication to the next level. MapSpice comes with professionally designed templates and components you can use in your visualizations. Start with one of our templates and customize it through our tools or your coding.

Easy to Use

Get started using MapSpice without any special skills or training. It comes with step-by-step wizards and predesigned templates to help you create data maps without having to write a single line of code. If you are comfortable with html, you can further customize your visualizations using our built-in code editor or download the source and use the tools you are familiar with.

Fast and Responsive Maps

MapSpice uses the latest web technologies such as WebGL and vector based map tiles to serve high volumes of maps quickly and consistently. Enjoy smooth responsive maps rendered in real time at a high frame rate.

Highly Customizable

For users with coding skills, MapSpice comes with a code editor you can use to customize each project. Users can also download the code and use tools of their preference, such as GitHub and any other tools.

Integrated With GeoBuffer Platform

MapSpice runs on our GeoBuffer platform, which is a highly flexible geospatial data solution. Use GeoBuffer to prepare datasets for web mapping with full control over projections, tiling and data. Set up automatic data updates, processing, and other operations. Learn more about GeoBuffer here.

Live Data Updates

Using GeoBuffer as your data source, you can easily set up live, automatic data updates so your map is always current. For example, set up a Google Sheet as your data source or use our API to push updates.

Optimized For the Web and Mobile

Publish maps that adjust automatically for desktop, mobile and tablet views.

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