We provide data solutions to help governments visualize, analyze and disseminate data accurately and efficiently.


Government Solutions

Social Explorer provides packaged software and offers custom solutions built on our data platform and visualization tools. Available in the cloud or on private infrastructure.

Social Explorer is a small business with a proven track record of unlocking government data sources, simplifying management, and empowering audiences to explore a wealth of information. We have extensive experience handling government data, including embargoed and sensitive data.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help governments succeed with their mapping and data visualization goals. To achieve that aim, we license our products and provide hands-on services and support. Our products are available as SaaS solutions and as installations on private infrastructure.

Our Products


A modern GeoSpatial data platform that includes a variety of spatial data services. It is available both as a SaaS and an on-premise installation. Learn more about GeoBuffer and how it can benefit your organization here.


A suite of mapping components and APIs that can build custom maps and applications. It includes a vector tiling engine and all the necessary components and services to deliver modern HTML5 maps and applications. Learn more about MapSpice here.

Social Explorer

A subscription-based service that provides easy access to a large curated library of demographic and economic data. Users visualize, explore and download data using our maps and reports. Government agencies such as the Census, DOJ, CDC and over 300 institutions use this service to help them access open data. Learn more here.


A professional chart publishing solution made for the web. It allows users to create beautiful, responsive charts for the web and mobile without needing to write a single line of code. It is extendible and includes plugins to access many data sources such as Federal Reserve Data (FRED), and others. Read more about Charts here.

Our Services

Data Driven Maps

We provide a mapping platform and services to create data-driven maps and single page applications (SPA).

Software Development Support

We provide software development services to help clients achieve their mapping, data analytics, data dissemination and visualization goals.

GIS Data

We provide easy-to-use online GIS capabilities for processing, managing and visualizing geospatial data.

Data Visualization

We provide software, services and guidance to help governments communicate with data effectively. We help design, develop and publish meaningful HTML5 maps, charts and custom interactive visualizations.

Data Analytics and Services

Our team has decades of experience processing and presenting government data. We quickly and efficiently process, integrate and harmonize diverse datasets in a variety of formats including SQL, Hadoop, Cassandra, SAS, R, Excel, CSV, and other.

Data Dissemination

Ever since we developed our signature product,, we have been developing and refining data dissemination techniques and tools. From data visualization to specialized data access portals and SPAs, we provide end-to-end data dissemination solutions.

Case Studies

Census Explorer

We collaborated with the U.S. Census Bureau to develop a custom visualization project that provides public access to data through interactive maps. Themed editions focus on different survey variables and years, and also allow users to search for specific locations.

U.S. Department of Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker highlighted Census Explorer as a key advancement for the Census Bureau in visualizing demographic and economic statistics.

Learn more >

Young Adults Then and Now

Explore how young adults changed over the last three decades.

This special edition of Census Explorer, won the 2015 Webby Honoree for Best Government Website. We designed and developed an interactive maps and charts application to compare young adult populations across four decades. It allows users to explore how millennials compare with older generations across a variety of demographic and socioeconomic factors.

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The Threat to Representation

Understand the potential impact of the Supreme Court case Evenwel v. Abbott. Won the 2016 Webby Award for Best Law Website.

We built this project to illustrate redistricting policy change. Explore interactive maps to understand the potential impact of the Evenwel v. Abbott Supreme Court case on different groups at both the congressional and legislative district levels. Based on our in-depth, expert analysis of redistricting, demographics and related datasets, the project also features responsive, interactive HTML5 maps, as well as a companion report and downloadable data.

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Exploring FBI Data

Explore the FBI Uniform Crime Report data in cities across the U.S.

For this project, we processed and visualized FBI data to allow users to explore how city crime statistics have changed from 2005 to 2015. The maps feature violent and property crime counts and rates per 100,000 people.

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Smithsonian Museum

A set of maps displayed at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival depicting the U.S.’s changing immigration patterns.

For this project, we combined detailed data analysis with our design expertise to create a series of maps. The historical immigration data come from the 1940 Complete Count Census, as compiled and made available by the Minnesota Population Center, IPUMS. The recent data come from the 2010-14 American Community Survey.

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Ellis Island Museum Exhibit

Interactive kiosk installation allows visitors to explore the diversity of the U.S. population.

We developed U.S. Population: A Map of Diversity, an interactive kiosk installation that invites the museum’s 12 million annual visitors to learn where different ancestry groups live across the U.S. We Cleaned and integrated data from multiple sources, and designed data visualization styles for representing and comparing groups. We collaborated with staff from the Ellis Island Museum, the Parks Department and design firms to create custom software for an-premises installation.

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For more examples, please visit our showcase

National Science Foundation Support

Social Explorer has received over $2.2 million in National Science Foundation grants to further our development and projects aimed at engaging the public with data.

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