A modern platform for mapping and geospatial data. Born in the cloud, it is social, collaborative, and team-oriented.


GeoBuffer is an online mapping and geospatial data solution.

It includes the following services: data storage, a mapping API, geocoding API, a vector tile engine, a global tile delivery service, a search and index service, a metadata service, a platform API, a web interface, a command line interface and other tools.

Who is it for?

GIS Users and Teams

GIS professionals looking to organize and centralize access to their data, work more efficiently and open up team work by removing obstacles to collaboration.

Software Developers

Organizations and engineers looking to address mapping and GeoSpatial needs in applications. Full API and SDK access to the platform is available as a SaaS service and an on-premise installations.

Data Community

GeoBuffer aims to facilitate community collaboration and growth by allowing users all over the globe to work together to publish and share open data. Our platform offers a hub where people can work together and help each other.

Content Producers

Creators and communicators like data journalists, educators and marketers use GeoBuffer to work with public data and create custom map-based data visualizations. See our showcase.

Data Publishers

Organizations who want to provide data to end users in a beautiful system. White label SaaS or on-premise install.

Data Analysts

Staff and researchers who need to analyze and work with geospatial data can do so in a simplified way with GeoBuffer.


Centralized GeoSpatial Data

Use GeoBuffer to centralize your geospatial data, store, organize and share data seamlessly. GeoBuffer natively supports spatial data, attributes, metadata, and projections.

Cloud drives like DropBox, Box, and Google Drive do not work well for data - they lock files while in use, synch in the middle of procedures and make duplicate copies when conflicts occur. All this makes work and collaboration very difficult. We designed GeoBuffer to fix these issues.

Work as a team

Keep data organized, documented and accessible to everyone in your team. GeoBuffer is made for the distributed workplace. It keeps track of revision history, automatically making sure you never lose anything.

An API for Your Data Out of The Box

With GeoBuffer you get an API for your data right out of the box.

Eliminates Data Duplication

GeoBuffer stores a single copy of spatial data and allows users to attach any number of datasets to it. This eliminates duplication and makes it easy to keep data current using one master copy.

For example, GeoBuffer allows users to create multiple spatial projections without making copies of files. If the spatial data changes, all projections are updated automatically.

Existing Tools, Better Workflow

GeoBuffer aims to enhance the whole GIS eco-system by providing a great environment for collaboration, teams, and the community.

Users continue to leverage existing knowledge of ArcGIS, QGIS, MapBox, Manifold, Maptitude and others, while taking advantage of new opportunities that the cloud, social and collaborative approach to work offer.

Find and Blend

Add new dimensions to your data by mashing it up with publicly available data sets. Our search engine makes it easy to find compatible data. GeoBuffer takes into account all available information (such as number of records and unique columns) when looking for compatible datasets. Then it uses this information to help you merge.

Publish Data

GeoBuffer makes your data look good with previews and downloads in many formats, multiple projections and detailed documentation. You provide your data, and we take care of hosting, system maintenance, upgrades, provisioning and metadata management.

Empower your data users with features such as geography preview before download, data export in many formats (shapefile, GeoJson, SVG, KML, YKML, and other), and export in any projection and resolution. GeoBuffer also makes vector tiles available in many different projections that can be used to create online maps using our MapSpice product, MapBox or ESRI.

Documentation is built into the system and GeoBuffer allows data owners to document and gather feedback from users if data are public.

Perform Common Operations Directly In The Cloud

GeoBuffer makes it easy to do common geospatial operations, without having to fire up your desktop GIS.

GeoBuffer keeps detailed metadata which in turn allows advanced operations to be performed such as data allocation. Legacy standards like shapefiles can not do that. They use DBFs to storing data and there is no metadata beyond a basic column type and an 11 character column name. Not even a label, much less other metadata.

Common data operations:

  • Combine geographies, dissolve boundaries, simplify and clean topology
  • Allocate or move data between geographies
  • Geocode addresses to get latitude longitude coordinates
  • Create vector tiles in many projections for multiple uses
  • Data blending
  • Easy geo transformations in the cloud
  • Detailed metadata and data transformations
  • Social platform and interactions
  • Ability to ask and answer user questions

Privacy and Security

Everything you do with GeoBuffer is protected by strong privacy and security features. That’s because we build data security into everything we make, right from the start.

GeoBuffer is engineered with advanced technologies that are constantly working together to keep your data and information safe.

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