We provide data and research tools as an online service to university and public libraries across the country.


Education Solutions

Social Explorer is the largest online data reference tool for the United States. Used by major university and public libraries, our solution unlocks 220 years of U.S. Census data and makes them available in an easy to use fashion with data visualization, reporting and downloads.

Social Explorer has a proven track record of supporting and advancing research and education, we build products for students, scholars and professionals of all experience levels.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help universities and libraries succeed in today's data driven world by providing world class digital access to vast amounts of curated data to their patrons in an easy to use way.

Social Explorer as an Educational Resource is a subscription-based service that provides easy access to a large curated library of data. Users can visually explore hundreds of thousands of data indicators across demography, economy, health, religion, crime and more. It includes 220 years of demographic data, 250,000 maps, hundreds of profile reports, 40 billion data elements and 335,000 variables. Over 300 library institutions across the country use this service to help them access data. provides one centralized place to navigate, visualize and download diverse datasets in just a few clicks.

Find Patterns to Find Answers

Users visually explore data and spot trends over time and also compare how neighborhoods and regions differ. Hundreds of thousands of data indicators are available including demographics, economics, health, religion, crime and more.

Research Neighborhoods

Visually explore data using maps and create reports with demographic, income, education, crime, health, unemployment data and much more.

Analyze Market Trends

Create maps, tables, and reports to understand how areas and neighborhoods change over time and identify new market opportunities. Explore population, income, housing, house value, households, unemployment, poverty and much more.

Breadth and Depth of Data

Our data library includes almost all of available U.S. Census data. You can examine this wealth of demographic information at the national, state, county, ZIP code, and neighborhood levels, with some data available at 120 geographic levels of granularity. All of our data are updated continuously.


Population, age, sex, race, ethnicity, foreign born, language, immigration, households, families, religion


Income, poverty rates, industries, occupations, employment, workforce characteristics


House value, rent value, tenure, mortgaged, rented or owned outright, vacancy, subsidized households, public housing


School enrollment, educational attainment, graduation and dropout rates, college locations

Quality of Life

Crime, time to work, types of heating fuel, libraries, museums


Diseases, conditions, cancer, access to health insurance, health risk factors, hospital locations and more

Election Data

Current and historical election data at federal and state level


Our data and maps have been featured at top cultural institutions including the Ellis Island Museum, New York Hall of Science, Smithsonian Folklife Festival, New York Public Library’s Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture and Museum of the City of New York

Social Explorer is a highly appealing website...with versatile maps and reports... It should be a resource available at any major library.
William Frey, Research Professor,
University of Michigan and Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institute
My students thought Social Explorer was a fantastic resource. It's great to have access to so much historic information – they really saw how rich census data can be. It's very user-friendly, too; the students learned to navigate effortlessly.
Anne Knowles, Professor,
Middlebury College and University of Maine

Used By

Library Personnel is a reliable and complete reference resource used at top universities, research institutions and specialized libraries. Free from cumbersome printed volumes and complicated download procedures and formats. meets the needs of research-oriented and scholarly users without sacrificing ease of use for students and other non-experts.

Teachers and Educators

Professors and teachers across the country use to teach concepts in sociology, urban studies, public health, economics, history and a variety of other fields. Teachers enhance lessons and teach students how to think and use data in their work. All this without having to spend time learning complicated GIS tools.

Business Students

Market researchers from diverse industries use to discover new potential markets and understand their customers. Explore detailed income, education, health and other data quickly and easily. Create interactive, data-driven maps without special GIS skills.

Urban Planning Departments

Planners use to analyze socio-economic data and to extract census data needed in neighborhood studies. Compare neighborhood populations across time and get the data they need hassle free.

Award Winning

Outstanding Reference Source Award

The Reference and User Services Association (RUSA)

Modern Library Awards

Gold Award

Standard of Excellence Award

Web Marketing Association

Webby Award Honoree for Education

National Science Foundation Support

With support from the National Science Foundation, we developed an easy-to-use interface for the public to research and map demographic data by topic, location and more. Over the years, we have received over $2.2 million in funding for projects to create and build upon our approaches and technologies.

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