A professional chart publishing solution made for the web.


What is it?

An online charting tool that allows users to publish beautiful, interactive, and responsive charts and graphs. Create fast, dynamic visuals without having to write a single line of code.

Who is it for?


Media companies and content publishers can use Charts to create data visualizations quickly and easily without writing a single line of code. Charts optimizes the editorial workflow and helps you enrich text presentations with dynamic visuals. Both digital and print-ready outputs included.

Journalists and Bloggers

Create and publish custom charts quickly and easily, perfect for the fast-paced newsroom environment. Connect with readers and take your stories to the next level with engaging and dynamic data visualizations. Our published graphics support high volumes of simultaneous users.

Businesses and Organizations

Enhance presentations and reports with well-designed data visualizations with a professional look. Use Charts to create and export a static image or include a live dynamic chart in an online report.

Students and Teachers

Teach your students to present information professionally by creating their own charts and graphs - starting with basics and progressing to more advanced forms of visualization. Prepare them for the modern workplace with digital skills and a deeper understanding of communicating with data.

Government Agencies

Charts provides an easy, highly scalable way to create beautiful, clear data visualizations quickly, while also saving time and money.

Anyone Who Needs To Visualize Data

Information we share today is increasingly visual, and our dynamic Charts tools are ready to meet all of your creative data communication needs.


Professionally Designed Charts

Take your visual communication to the next level with professionally designed styles and templates. Start with one of our themes and customize it to fit your needs and personal preferences, or match the look and feel of your website or blog. Using a custom theme also helps you update the look-and-feel of all your visualizations simply by modifying it in one place.

Easy to Use

You can get started using Charts with no special skills or training. It comes with step-by-step wizard to help you create charts without ever having to write a line of code. The wizard will guide you throughout the process of creating meaningful data visualization and support you every step of the way, from importing data into your chart to choosing the right way to visualize them.

Highly Customizable

Customize text, fonts, colors, or create a new theme and use it with all your charts. Use annotations to communicate important points. Both vector and raster format exports are available, and you can use a simple image such as a PNG/SVG of your chart, or a fully interactive chart.

Optimized For the Web and Mobile

Publish charts that adjust automatically to desktop, mobile and tablet devices, or fully customize your displays for each device type.

Fast and Responsive

Our charts are published on Content Distribution Networks (CDN) on five different continents around the globe so they are close to all your users.

Live Data Updates

You can set up your chart to automatically pull new data from a data source as soon as it is available. For example, set up Google Sheets as your data source and your chart will be updated as soon as you update the sheet.. If you don’t feel like using Google Sheets, you can also use our API to push updates directly to your charts.


Charts supports real-time collaboration, so every change you make is instantly visible to all your collaborators. There is also built in support for chart versioning and revision history.

Supports Diverse Data Sources

Charts offers a variety of ways for users to input and update data for a visualization. Upload a CSV file, connect to your Google Sheets or use our custom integrations to get current data from Social Explorer or Federal Reserve Economic databases.

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