We provide the tools, maps, and data businesses need to analyze and understand their markets and customers.

Business Solutions

Social Explorer empowers businesses to improve their everyday decisions and long-term strategy through our data and tools.

We offer products and services for data visualization, mapping, data publishing, business GIS and location-based market research.

Our Products

Social Explorer

Perform market research using a large library of demographic and economic data easily accessible through maps, reports and data downloads. Companies such as Target, FedEx, Lamar, KBHome, the New York Times, Pearson Publishing and many others use this service to help them access data quickly and easily. Learn more here.


Access a modern GeoSpatial data platform that includes a variety of mapping and data services, including working with your own data. It is available both as a SaaS and an on-premise installation. Learn more about GeoBuffer and how it can benefit your organization here.


Create professional charts and graphs for the web. Charts allows users to create beautiful, responsive data visualizations for the web and mobile without needing to write a single line of code. It is extendible and includes plugins to access many data sources. Learn more about Charts here.


Provides a suite of mapping components, APIs and wizards that allow users to create highly customized data driven map visualizations and applications. It includes a vector tiling engine and all the necessary components and services needed to deliver modern HTML5 maps and applications. Learn more about MapSpice here.

Business Intelligence Solutions is the largest location-based data library in the world and provides a centralized place to navigate, visualize and download datasets in just a few clicks. This resource brings together a vast and growing amount of quantitative data with an intuitive visual interface to make demographic research, the analysis of social trends, and comparisons of different communities accessible and interactive.

Query and analyze data to understand existing customers and identify new ones. Create beautiful maps using hundreds of thousands of prepared data indicators. Upload and geocode your own data directly into maps for analysis. Share and embed your maps, or download them as images for presentations. Compare locations and change over time, explore Census data and changes over time, create detailed reports and easily download data for offline processing.

The Social Explorer product enables researchers to devote more time to research than to data extraction, processing and mapping strong

It is simple to learn and use for both novices and professionals

Today’s students and professionals are accustomed to fast responses and information, and Social Explorer meets those expectations.
Joan Naymark, Target Corporation

Find Patterns to Find Answers

Users visually explore data and spot trends over time and also compare how neighborhoods and regions differ. Hundreds of thousands of data indicators are available including demographics, economics, health, religion, crime and more.

Analyze Market Trends

Create maps, tables, and reports to understand how areas and neighborhoods change over time and identify new market opportunities. Explore population, income, housing, house value, households, unemployment, poverty and much more.

Breadth and Depth of Data

Our data library includes almost all of available U.S. Census data. You can examine this wealth of demographic information at the national, state, county, ZIP code, and neighborhood levels, with some data available at 120 geographic levels of granularity. All of our data are updated continuously.


Population, age, sex, race, ethnicity, foreign born, language, immigration, households, families, religion


Income, poverty rates, industries, occupations, employment, workforce characteristics


House value, rent value, tenure, mortgaged, rented or owned outright, vacancy, subsidized households, public housing


School enrollment, educational attainment, graduation and dropout rates, college locations

Quality of Life

Crime, time to work, types of heating fuel, libraries, museums


Diseases, conditions, cancer, access to health insurance, health risk factors, hospital locations and more

Election Data

Current and historical election data at federal and state level

Publishing Solutions

Social Explorer provides data publishing solutions for a variety of platforms and outputs. We provide map and chart publishing through our online charting tool that allows users to publish beautiful, interactive, and responsive charts and graphs. Create fast, dynamic visuals without having to write a single line of code. We also provide tools for creating custom online maps with great flexibility.

Made for Online Publishing

From publishing houses to journalists, bloggers, students and government, everyone can use our tools to publish data visualizations online.

Print Ready

Our tools output print ready materials that can be used in conjuncture with software such as Adobe Illustrator for further customization.

Custom Maps

From publishing houses to journalists, bloggers, students and government, everyone can use our tools to publish data visualizations online.

Enterprise Solutions

GeoBuffer allows enterprises to build in-house solutions using our geospatial tools, platform, data, simple APIs and SDKs. We provide tools that make it easy to create beautiful and fast data maps, as well as process and analyze geospatial data. Our products allow fast rendering of large datasets (through a process known as simplification), giving end users beautiful maps without lags.

Handle Geospatial Data With Ease

Our platform provides tools to work with geospatial data using both a web interface and APIs. We also provide a very large collection of open data that anyone can use with their solutions.

GeoBuffer API

GeoBuffer comes with a platform API that can be used to build products, or integrate into custom solutions.

MapSpice SDK for Building SPAs

MapSpice comes with a Software Development Kit (SDK) and wizards that allows content developers to easily and quickly put together data driven maps, and software developers to make customizations to meet flexible designs.


We support our products and solutions with the following client services:

Software Development Support

We provide software support services to help clients achieve their goals with mapping, data visualization, analysis, geospatial data handling and other operations.

Data Driven Maps

We provide an easy-to-use mapping platform and companion services to help you create data-driven maps and single page applications (SPA).

GIS Data Services

We provide data processing services and consultations. We can help you with processing existing geographies and creating new ones, attaching data, allocating data, computations, mapping, data preparation for visualization and more.

Data Visualization

We provide software, services and guidance to help you communicate with data effectively. We help clients design, develop and publish meaningful HTML5 maps, charts and custom interactive visualizations.

Case Studies

Pearson Publishing

We provide tools and services to help Pearson Publishing create interactive content for online book titles with thousands of data visualizations across many disciplines. We transform static lessons into active learning experiences with our dynamic data tools and presentations.

Social Explorer was founded at an academic institution to improve the way we work with and present data. Advancing education has always been at the core of our mission.

New York Times

We help the New York Times process, visualize and understand demographic trends and data. We run special queries for reporters to answer questions and find patterns in the data. Their staff also uses our tools independently to further their research.

We have worked with the New York Times for over a decade and through the years have consulted and worked on data for over 1,500 articles.

Target Corporation

Target uses demographic data extensively in their market analysis for store location research as well as product placement by geographic region.

Social Explorer is used at Target as an easy way to get to demographic and socio-economics data and an easy way to download data for further processing and blending with proprietary data Target collects.

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