Social Explorer

Provides easy, visual access to demographic and economic data using maps, reports, and data downloads.


What is it?

A suite of online tools and data that allow users to visually explore hundreds of thousands of data indicators across demography, economy, health, religion, crime and more. Users can visualize and interact with data, create reports and downloads for offline processing.

All our data are curated, organized and processed for ease of use. No need to hire expensive consultants to collect and analyze data. provides an easy way to navigate and consume a vast number of datasets in just a few clicks.

Who is it for?


Market researchers from diverse industries use to discover new potential markets and understand their customers. Explore detailed income, education, health and other data quickly and easily. Create interactive, data-driven maps without special GIS skills.

Urban Planning Consultants

Planners use to analyze socio-economic data and to extract census data needed in neighborhood studies. Compare neighborhood populations across time and get the data you need hassle free.

Libraries is a reliable and complete reference resource used at top universities, research institutions and specialized libraries. Free from cumbersome printed volumes and complicated download procedures and formats. meets the needs of research-oriented and scholarly users without sacrificing ease of use for students and other non-experts.

Teachers and Educators

Professors and teachers across the country use to teach concepts in sociology, urban studies, public health, economics, history and a variety of other fields. Teachers enhance lessons and teach students how to think with data.

Data Analysts offers analysts an easy way to find and download large amounts of data for offline processing and analysis. Guided downloads provide a variety of file formats as well as scripts for many stat packages such as SAS, R, STATA, and GIS.

Government Agencies

Many agencies and municipalities use to navigate and research demographic data. Maps and reports include geographies such as Metropolitan Statistical Areas, congressional districts, school districts and census block groups.

Trusted By

Pearson Publishing
US Census
Oxford University
New York Times
Stanford University
The University of Chicago
General Electric
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
MIT University
Yale University
Duke University
US Department of Justice


Visually Explore Data

Customizable, user-friendly maps enable unparalleled exploration of demographic data and social change. pioneered new technologies and techniques to create a powerful visual experience. Interactive, responsive maps help users examine trends, compare variables and time periods, add context and communicate their findings. makes it easy to spot trends, changes, and interesting data points visually.

Easy To Use

Social Explorer is very easy to use. It was built to break down barriers to data analysis and visualization and has won numerous awards for its innovative design. Users can get started without any special skills or training. As they progress to more advanced levels Social Explorer is there to meet their needs.

Our data team continuously processes data to make it easier to use, computing handy variables and information such as $ adjustments, percentages, and medians.

Breadth and Depth of Data

Our data library includes almost all of U.S. Census data from 2015 to 1790. You can examine this wealth of demographic information at the national, state, county, ZIP code, and neighborhood levels, with some data available at 120 geographic levels of granularity. All of our data are updated continuously.

Specialized U.S. data resources include the County Business Patterns (2014), U.S. Business Patterns (2014), Population Estimates (2015), FBI Uniform Crime Report (2010 to 2014), American election results (1912 to 2014), Religious Congregations and Membership Study (1980 to 2010), and County Health Rankings and Roadmaps Program data (2010 to 2016).

International data resources include the United Kingdom Census (2011), Canadian Census (2011), Eurostat (1990, 2000, 2010 to 2013), World Development Indicators (2013), and Irish religion and population data (1911 to 2001).

Trusted Data Sources’s data come from trusted public and proprietary sources. With years of data research and handling experience, we curate and process every data point that goes into to our system.

Always Up-to-Date continuously adds new data years and surveys to our library. New data releases are processed and added to as soon as they become available. For example it only takes a few days for an American Community Survey release to appear in Social Explorer.

Data Downloads and Reports

Create detailed data reports to export one or thousands of variables and geographies quickly and easily. Excel, CSV, and other file formats allow you to work with data in a variety of software programs for further analysis.

Change Over Time

Gain a historical perspective with’s normalized datasets on the same geographic base from 1970 to the present down to neighborhood level (where available).

Thorough Documentation publishes the official documentation for each data resource in an organized and easy to read format. We also provide the source computation information for every variable we compute.


Beautiful and Fast Maps uses cutting edge vector maps which are rendered on the device in real-time. Our advanced geospatial compression reduces the size of maps greatly so they can be rendered quickly and in low-bandwidth environments. The result is smooth, fast maps.

Export Data Easily allows users to export data in convenient formats for use in Excel and other analytic tools such as SAS, R, STATA and GIS. Scripts are included for reading data into popular stat packages.

Dollars Adjusted for Inflation can automatically adjust dollar amounts for inflation, smoothing out comparisons of income, home value and other variables over time. We use the same inflation adjustment method as the Census Bureau, computing off of bracketed data and then using the Pareto distribution.

Side by Side Maps

Display two maps at once for enhanced comparison and exploration.

Multi-Variable Maps

Create a multivariable map to compare two or more groups directly and visually on a single map.

Swipe Maps

Visualize change dynamically with a “swipe” of the mouse. Switch between map views to reveal the differences between variables and time periods.

Street Level geographies are available at a number of different levels from national to neighborhood. Scroll down to view individual streets and features.

Satellite View

Use the satellite view to add context and texture to map presentations.

Award Winning

Standard of Excellence Award

Web Marketing Association

Webby Award Honoree for Education

Outstanding Reference Source Award

The Reference and User Services Association (RUSA)

Modern Library Awards

Gold Award

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